Sometimes even beauty schools need


Purchased by Maxim’s Beauty Salons back in the 1950’s, the original Myndall Cain Beauty Academy became Maxim’s Beauty Academy. It was sold again in the 1980’s, and renamed Regency Beauty Academy. Ok now, stay with us, because here’s where the story gets good.

Fast forward to 2002, when former management consultant and investment banker Hayes Batson purchased Regency. He had a clear vision for a better approach to cosmetology education. It was a turning point, and the reinvention began. Today, this is the place where a new model for cosmetology education means more successful professionals, and ultimately, more profitable salons. Our enrollment is increasing rapidly and we are opening new campuses regularly.

Oh, and for the record, we did change the name one last time to Regency Beauty Institute. And Regency Beauty Institute it will remain. It suits us, don’t you think?