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Fight static and stay frizz-free this spring.

Spring is a whirlwind of weather. It seems like a constant battle with the elements. One day it will be pouring rain and the next there’s a snowstorm on the horizon. From static to frizz – spring can be a bad hair day waiting to happen. Here are some tips for battling springtime hair care this year.


Use styling products with UV protection to help protect your hair from the damaging sun. A shampoo and conditioner with protection may help, but it’s best to add something that will stay in your hair all day. Adding a cute sunhat can also help if you encounter any sudden weather changes during this seasonal transition.


When it’s raining outside the moisture in the air can introduce frizz into your look. When drying your hair in the morning, make sure to be thorough and remove all the excess moisture from your hair. Setting your drier to the coolest setting will help your style stay sleek as it’s drying.


For some of our best tricks to fight static, check out our previous blog post! One of Regency Beauty Institute’s campus trainers, Cheryl, shares her go-to tip for fighting static below:

Fight the static with the following steps:

  1. Grab a small dab of conditioner
  2. Rub the product between your hands
  3. Run your fingers through wet hair to distribute the product evenly
  4. Apply styling aid
  5. Style normally

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