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Wondering how to stand out during your interview? We sat down with a career services coach to find out.

When you’re fresh out of beauty school, looking for a job can feel exciting and a little overwhelming. In a competitive field like cosmetology, acing your interview becomes even more important.

Interviews for cosmetologists aren’t the same as interviews in other fields. Most interviews have at least two parts: a verbal interview and a practical demonstration. This is a chance for you to showcase your skills and personality.

Highlighting your passion and confidence are key during an interview. Regency’s very own career services coach Melissa B. shared some ticks and tips for putting your best foot forward in interviews.

1. Cast a Wide Net. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Although it’s great to focus on your dream salon, make sure you are applying to multiple places in case one salon’s culture isn’t the right fit for you. Do your homework, and research the salons before you interview. You will want to know as much as you can about all your options and be ready to ask questions during the interview.

2. Be Prepared.  Come prepared with multiple copies of your resume and your portfolio on hand. It shows your commitment and professionalism.

3. Personality. Salon owners are looking for stylists who are committed, dependable and dedicated. If you can show you are enthusiastic about learning and growing as a cosmetologist and can be depended on as a strong member of the team, it will show. Salon owners want stylists they can count on to make clients happy.

4. Look Your Best. Stay true to your own style while still looking professional. Go in for a service or check out the stylist profiles online to get an idea for what others who work there are wearing. Your personal brand is important as a stylist. Make sure your look reflects your personality!

5. Avoid Common Mistakes. Avoid leggings in place of pants to an interview and stay professionally covered. When asked to describe difficult situations or issues, focus on what YOU did to turn the situation around.

6. Be Inquisitive. Interviewers will almost always ask what questions you have for them at the end of an interview. Don’t miss this opportunity. They want to see if you’re taking steps to find out whether their salon is the right fit for you. Ask about the company culture, the expectations they have for new hires and the types of support and on-going education opportunities their stylists have.

7. Follow up. After you leave the interview, your job isn’t done. Writing a thank you note after you leave is a must. The sooner the better and, if you can, make it a handwritten note. It isn’t as common for interviewers to get a personalized note, so it will really help you stand out as a candidate.  It’s best to wait no more than three days. If you’re crunched for time, send along a thank-you email.

8. Stay poised. Be sure to give a firm handshake when greeting your interviewer and when leaving. And never forget to thank them for taking the time to speak with you!

Want more helpful tips? Regency grads can contact career services for pointers and resume help at 800-787-6456 EXT. 7251.

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