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You’re creative. You love to be independent and help others. Chances are you’ve thought about it. Cosmetology school, that is. Want to know if cosmetology is right for you? Ask yourself and others these 9 questions to find out.

1. How flexible do you want your career to be?

Many of our students and graduates say they chose cosmetology because of the flexibility and independence it gives them. Cosmetologists who rent a booth or own their own salon can often set their own prices and hours, and style isn’t regional. Clients want to look great no matter where they live! This was essential for Regency student and employee Bailey E.

“This is something you can do and always have. Let’s say later you want to go to college and do something else. You can work as a cosmetologist while doing that,” said Regency employee and licensed cosmetologist of eight years Lori N.

2. Do you like it?

This is the perfect question to ask your current stylist to find out where cosmetology will be a fit for you, Lori advised. Ask them things like, “How did you get started?” and “What drew you to the industry?” Lori also recommends visiting a beauty school or hair school and asking current students about their experience. They can paint the clearest picture for anyone considering cosmetology. After all, they’re living it!

3. What do I want to earn?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the mean annual wage for cosmetologists as $26,790, and estimates that 25% [1]of cosmetologists earn above $30,000 per year and 10% earn over $42,000.

Even when Lori chose to leave nursing school and begin her cosmetology education, she thought about what her future earning potential would look like and the type of life style she could lead if she chose to pursue cosmetology.

4. What do you want to learn?

When Lori enrolled in cosmetology school she had no idea what else she would learn along the way.

“The knowledge that you learn in cosmetology school is just so valuable – communication, learning to connect with people, marketing yourself, business skills and life lessons that will get you far no matter what you do,” Lori said.

Besides that she learned more than just trendy styles and the fundamentals of cosmetology. She learned the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ behind each technique, including the body’s anatomy and the science of hair color.

5. How do you want to learn it?

Most people in the cosmetology industry are visual, hands-on learners. And, that’s exactly the education Regency offers. One tailored to the creativity and interests of our students. Lori notes Regency provides individualized attention to its students and provides hands-on learning.

6. How can I get started?

Each state has difference requirements to enroll. Visiting one of the 88 Regency Beauty Institute campuses can help you learn exactly what enrolling in your state involves.  Generally, proof of age and a high school diploma or a GED are needed. Staff at the campuses can even help prospective students determine the best start date depending on their level of readiness. Regency Beauty Institute staff members give prospective students an Enrollment Checklist to help guide them during the process. That way, there are no surprises just a clear roadmap leading them in the direction of the career they’ve always wanted.

7. Do you want to be part of a family?

Whether they chose Regency’s part-time or full-time program, Regency students are part of a network as soon as they enroll. It’s a network of professionals always ready to learn and express their creativity from educators to students.

8. Do you enjoy helping people?

Ridgedale student Bailey E. had attended college and landed an “office-job,” but she knew she needed a change, so she enrolled at the Regency Beauty Institute near Minneapolis, MN.

“I didn’t want to be behind a desk and on the phone all day,” Bailey said. “I wanted to be face to face with people.”

Cosmetologists get to transform their clients every day, whether it’s a quick bang trim or a complete makeover.

She also recommends prospective students also consider the type of environment they want to be surrounded by. For Bailey, she needed an atmosphere filled with energy and movement, the energy and movement that fill a salon floor.

9. Are you a self-starter?

For Bailey, this question was especially important. When they leave Regency, graduates not only have the knowledge to deliver superior styles, they have they business knowledge to open a salon and market their talent in a competitive industry.

“You don’t have to be behind a desk and get promoted to do big things,” Bailey said. “You can do them on your own, and you can do them by being fun and creative. Who doesn’t want that?”

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