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Megan H. graduated Regency Beauty Institute in May 2011. When she isn’t helping other students begin their journeys to cosmetology school as a high school admission representative, Megan designs and creates hair and makeup looks for weddings. Since many couples choose to get married in the summer, Megan knows a thing or two about helping makeup last through heat and humidity. Below are the nine products and looks she suggests to help you look your best at a festival.

Mattifying moisturizer – “One thing that has really helped me is a mattifying moisturizer because it’s light and it makes your face less oily,” Megan said. Moisturizers that lessen the skin’s shine will help you stay fresh-faced throughout the day. Some claim skin stays matte for up to eight hours. That’s a lot of music!

Primer – This evens out pours and creates a shield between skin and a layer of makeup. Using primer will help makeup stay in place and decrease the amount your natural face oil mixes with the makeup.

Blotting sheets – In case of sweating – and let’s be honest, it’s going to happen – carry these thin sheets for absorption without smearing makeup.

Eye primer – Like face primer, this creates a buffer between the skin and eye shadow. Megan also recommends looking into shadow bases that start as a cream and change to powder on contact. Eye shadow can then be applied over this base.

Water – If you can bring your own water bottle to the festival, DO. Water will balance and hydrate the skin throughout the day.

Lip balm with sunscreen — At a hot festival on a clear day, most will be wearing sunglasses hiding any eye makeup. Instead Megan suggests opting for a lip balm with SPF included and lip gloss over top. Why? She says lip gloss is less messy than lipstick and can look equally as bold.

Neon anything – “I know neons are really huge right now,” Megan said. She suggested incorporating neon eyeliner. Teal, purple, royal blue and pink are some popular colors Megan recommends.

Water proof mascara – Sweat, misting machines, accidental dousing by other festival-goers’ cups. Enough said.

An easy up-do – “Festivals are usually pretty warm, so having your hair up makes sense,” Megan said. “You can really showcase your face.” Sock buns or messy buns are both choices that will be easy to maintain throughout the day.

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