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From beauty to basic essentials, make sure your beach bag is full of these necessities over spring break.

Spring break is a time for relaxing. So no one wants to be stressed out about packing the perfect beach bag. Regency graduate and high school admissions representative Megan H. shared a few of her beach bag essentials to ease any packing anxiety. This way, your week at the beach will be extra relaxing.


Sunscreen is one of the most important must-haves for spring break – and for all year round for that matter. This can include sunblock and facial moisturizer with extra sun protection – just make sure you reapply often. Check out our previous post on some of the things you need to know about SPF when you are planning on spending time in the sun.

Water Bottle

It is so important to stay hydrated while on vacation. Investing in a personal filter water bottle such as a Bobble or a CamelBak Groove makes staying hydrated at the beach easy. Be sure to refill often to reach the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation of nine glasses of water each day.

Reading material

Nothing beats relaxing on the beach with a brand new magazine. Catch up on the latest beauty trends or bring along your favorite beach book. Regardless of what you love to read, having that time to unwind and get lost in the latest gossip or your go-to novel can be just the break you need.


Water is one of the most reflective surfaces you will encounter on your spring break, so wearing sunglasses is a must. The Mayo Clinic recommends finding shades that block 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Not only will your eyes be protected, you will also reduce all that squinting.

Lip balm with SPF

Protecting your pucker often slips under the radar. A lip balm with SPF can help your lips look and feel vibrant and healthy, but will also help protect against skin cancer. Find out more about the best lip products for the sun in our previous blog post!

Other extras to have on hand…

  • Plastic Bags – Make sure to keep a plastic baggie on hand. With everyone running back and forth on the beach there is bound to be a trail of water. Stick your phone and some cash inside a plastic baggie to keep it dry! This trick also works if you are headed to an amusement park with water rides for spring break and want to keep your phone from getting soaked.
  • Baby Powder – The worst part of going to the beach is dragging all the sand home with you. Sprinkle a little baby powder on your legs and it will absorb all the water that makes the sand stick to your feet! Baby powder can also double up as an old fashioned dry shampoo. Sprinkle a little on your roots and comb it through your hair to absorb some of the oils.
  • Hair Elastics – Nothing is worse than realizing there are no hair elastics anywhere in sight. Make sure to keep extras in your bag in case you want to tame the flyaways.
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