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One beauty disaster that always seems to pop up during the winter months is – any guesses? Hair static. With temperatures dipping across the country skipping a hat and scarf is out of the question for most. Keep your hair hydrated and help curb the static with these tips.

Sometimes the answers to your hair care dilemmas are already hiding at home.

 Regency Beauty Institute® student services specialist Krystal W. turns to Static Guard to manage her hair when the static starts to hit. Spray a little on a comb or brush before styling your hair. Using it on your scarf or on the collar of your jacket can also help reduce hair static when bundling up.

Fabric softener sheets or dryer sheets can also be used to tame static.  Wrap the bristles of your brush in the sheets overnight or keep a few in your bag to rub on your hair.

Keeping a humidifier on hand can add moisture to both your hair and skin. Let one run overnight so your strands can soak up the moisture.

When you are in a pinch, a dab of lotion can help your hair feel hydrated. Add a dollop to the ends of your hair, but avoid the root area so you don’t weigh it down.

Using the right hair products can also help prevent and reduce static.

 Using a deep conditioner more frequently during the drier months can bump up the moisture in your hair.

Swapping out a plastic comb for a natural bristle brush or a metal or rubber comb is an easy change that can make a huge difference when it comes to static.

Shine serum can also help tame those stray hairs. Krystal recommends the Wella Mirror Polish. One to two pumps of a shine serum can help minimize static and add a glossy finish. A little bit goes a long way.

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