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The timeless Audrey Hepburn may be a Halloween style staple, but for the adventuresome, try a costume of comic proportions. YouTuber Emma Pickles posted a makeup tutorial to help viewers achieve a look straight from the pages of a graphic novel.

Whether you favor Marvel® or D.C. Comics®, learn how to re-create your favorite character’s look with foundation, liquid liner, lipstick, face paint and colored hair spray.

Outlining your features is the key to creating graphic makeup that enables the multi-dimensionality of the face to look 2D. During the featured tutorial, the eyebrows, nose, hairline, jawbone and cheeks are all traced with black eyeliner to achieve this effect. All that outlining requires a steady hand, so skip the coffee or soda before application.

Bright eye shadow that’s still visible even when the eyelids are open also lends a ‘comic’ element to the design. Take a trip to your local comic store for inspiration. When in doubt – the brighter, the better! False lashes also go a long way to help the makeup look even more extreme.

When applying the makeup, imagine you’re sketching a character. How do you create depth on a surface intended to look 2D? With different tonality! As you apply your lipstick, leave a small square uncolored near the corner on your lower lip. (It doesn’t matter which side you chose.) Add a swipe of white eye shadow in that area to give the illusion of multiple dimensions drawn on a flat surface (a page). In the video, red lipstick is used, but we say step outside the makeup kit. Why not try blue or even purple to help your look pop?

Think you can handle the challenge and channel your inner super hero?

Watch the tutorial on YouTube to get started.

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