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It’s no secret that weather can have a great effect on the health of our skin and hair. In most parts of the country, winter air is much drier than the humid fronts that sweep up in the summer time.

“The winter air is very unforgiving to our hair and out skin,” shared Regency graduate Tasha N.

The winter weather benefits we gain in a less frizzy mane, many lose after cold air takes its toll drying out the skin and lips.

Before Tasha N. graduated, she recorded her tips to keep lips fresh and softer during the winter months. Staying hydrated was at the top of her list. Whether you choose, water, tea or pomegranate juice, keeping well hydrated will reduce the drying effect harsh winter winds can exact on the skin and lips.

Tasha recommends the occasional lip exfoliant to remove chapped excess skin.

DIY-ers rejoice! It’s just as easy to make your own lip exfoliant. Simply combine a small portion of lip balm and either white or brown sugar in a small container. Then rub the mixture on your lips. The granules will rub off any dry skin.

Applying petroleum jelly and gently brushing your lips with a dry toothbrush will have the same effect.

Follow it up with chapstick, lip gloss or moisturized lipstick. To truly banish dry lips, apply a dab of chapstick before bed to protect and help heal any broken skin.

Voila – say, “Goodbye,” to a dry pout and, “Hello” to a soft smile.

Listen to Tasha share her tip.

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