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Here’s one trend we have our eye on: No Makeup Monday

Balancing innovative makeup application to express yourself and having confidence sans makeup is important as a cosmo. Makeup is a fun way to express your creativity and change up your look. Think you could go a day, or even a week, without any makeup?

Lately #NoMakeupMonday has been a trend cropping up across social media. Many of these makeup free posts have been in conjunction with different campaigns to bring attention to body image and inner-beauty, but some like to skip the morning makeup routine to help cut down on time, save money and improve complexion. We sat down with Regency Admissions Representative and cosmetologist Megan H. to find out why it can be beneficial to have makeup-free days and tricks for the transition.

Megan recommends taking a day or two off each week to let your skin breathe. Start by skipping the makeup when you are running errands or being active. Going to yoga? Grabbing frozen yogurt with your friends? These are the perfect times to test out the barefaced look.

“Start off small,” said Megan. “Go a Saturday morning when you don’t have anything to do. For just that day, don’t wear any makeup.”

If you are new to the barefaced look, start your transition by using your absolute must-haves or a lighter version of your go-to look. “The easiest way to transition is to just switch the makeup that you’re using. Rather than a full coverage foundation, use a BB cream that will be lighter and still have those moisturizing properties,” Megan said.

Megan recommends cutting down to just one or two products such as a mascara or lip stain when transitioning to makeup-free days. Stick with a moisturizer that will keep your skin feeling fresh and awake. Healthy skin can help boost your confidence, so exfoliate the night before and drink plenty of water to help your skin glow.  “A day of just moisturizer can refresh your face so much,” Megan said.

The bottom line is this: We think you’re beautiful with makeup and without!

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