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A look at families who learn together at Regency

It’s all in the family. In honor of “Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day” today, we asked for stories of mothers and daughters who attend beauty school together or spend time together at the campus already. We were overwhelmed with the stories we found – stories of inspiration and families united by a common love: A love of beauty.

Olathe: April and Destinee  Mother (April) and daughter (Destinee) attend school together our Olathe, Kansas, campus. But the mother/daughter duo shared a passion for hair and makeup long before. April has always wanted to go back to school and become licensed as a cosmetologist, and Destinee had talked about beauty school since she was in middle school. April started on the path toward her dream in October 2013 when she began studying at Regency. She didn’t forget about Destinee’s dream and encouraged her daughter to enroll in school and join her. “Finally, in January, I convinced her to take a tour of the campus and enroll,” April said. “We really enjoy taking this journey together. Being together helps us motivate one another. It makes the best experience knowing we are both achieving our dreams, and we enjoy our time at Regency.” After graduation, April hopes to open a salon in her hometown. Her daughter has her sights set on moving to Memphis and working as a stylist. “Even though our career paths will take us different places, we still have our time together here at Regency,” April said.

North Tucson: Dawn and Molly  Molly grew up surrounded by creativity. She watched her mother, Dawn, create style through cosmetology. Dawn encouraged Molly to follow her creativity – wherever it leads her. In March, on her 18th Birthday, that creativity took Molly to the North Tucson Regency campus, her mom Dawn manages, to enroll as a future Regency Graduate! “Her whole life, cosmetology really lead her to success and happiness in what she does,” said daughter Molly of mom Dawn. “She’s always happy to go to work. I’ve seen that my whole life growing up. Watching her love it made me love it too. And, I do.” Molly’s love of cosmetology began even before she enrolled at Regency. Her mom bought her a mannequin so Molly could keep growing her creativity. Then Molly began braiding her own hair and later creating looks for her friends to wear. “It’s an industry I love so much. I’ve been in the business 35 years,” Dawn said. “I think Molly sees the potential of so many different ways she could go in this realm.   As a Cosmetologist, the sky is the limit as long as you keep learning.” Now Dawn and Molly have a new language they can speak together: The language of Cosmetology! “She is loving learning, and I am loving watching her learn.”

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