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We tested out the trendy “no-shampoo” wash experience with some surprising results.


Day 4 of the no-shampoo routine


How long can you go without shampooing your hair? A day? A week? How about a month? Swapping out shampoo and conditioner for baking soda and apple cider vinegar (BS/ACV) has become increasingly popular. One Regency Beauty Institute team member put it to the test.

Becca S., a member the marketing team, decided to try out the wash routine after seeing an article detailing the benefits of ditching your shampoo shared on social media. Becca started the no-shampoo regimen to keep her hair healthy and strong. And…she stuck with it for more than a month. Now she is integrating the cleanse into her regular shampoo routine.

Throughout the month of February, Becca washed her hair with the BS/ACV regimen eight times. Check out a few of her entries from her hair diary of her month sans-shampoo:

Day 1 – First BS/ACV Wash

Day 27 - Styled after a no-shampoo wash

Day 27 – Styled after a no-shampoo wash


It actually felt really good. My hair felt strong and well-conditioned for only using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. To my surprise, it wasn’t even snarly when I got out of the shower. I was excited to see how this would go, and it turned out it did a great job!

Day 4

Starting to look a bit “eh” but I decided to roll with it. By “rolling with it,” I put my hair half up with some baby powder, and it held on its own. No hairspray required! My hair also had a natural gleam without any products.

Day 5

I wore a ponytail to work out this morning, but once I took it out it still looked decent. For home or with hanging with the dog, it felt fine. Confession: I was short on time for work, so I made due with a ponytail and a bit of baby powder.

Day 17

I’m beginning to notice that even after the BS/ACV, my hair still feels a little greasy. Once again, I used baby powder and decided to wear it half up so it wouldn’t look too “unwashed.”

Day 27

Since I started BS/ACV, I’ve mainly been letting my hair dry naturally. Today, I decided to try washing and then styling my hair. Without using any extra products, I washed, blow dried and flat ironed it for a more finished look. It looked nice, but immediately felt  kind of greasy.

Day 28

Since doing the BS/ACV, I love how my hair waves and falls on its own. Try and spot a split end! I couldn’t. I know they are still there, but my hair definitely feels stronger.

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