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Who needs sunburns when you can get that post-beach glow with these mousses and lotions?


We all know the UV rays can cause irreversible damage to our skin, but as we transition between seasons many of us covet that sun-kissed glow. Rather than a tanning bed, try some of these tips from Regency admissions representative and cosmetologist Ally G.

Hunting through Sephora or Ulta for the perfect sunless tanner is a good place to start. Ally stands by St. Tropez tanners to get a bronzed look.

St. Tropez is one of the hottest tanners because the brand was able to reduce that typical burnt spray tan smell and create a cooler-toned bronze to help you avoid any orange overtones.

For an instantly dry, deeper tan try the mousse formula. Pick up a tanning glove to keep your palms clean! The best part about applying a mousse formula is that it feels much lighter than other gels and lotions, Ally added.

For a more moisturizing, lighter version try a gradual tanning lotion. This can be built up slowly so the change isn’t quite as drastic.

Regardless of the brand you choose, the process for applying your faux glow is fairly consistent:

Exfoliate. Exfoliating will get rid of the dead skin cells that are on your skin and will ensure your skin is as clean as possible before application.

Apply Evenly. It’s nice to choose a formula that you can see when applying. This leaves less risk of streaky tiger stripes. Although you might be wearing makeup during the day, applying a self tanner to your face can ensure you won’t have dramatic lines where your tanner stops. Many brands make a tanner specifically designed for the face that is less greasy.

Maintain. To maintain your bronze use a gentle soap without a gritty texture. This keeps your tan even before your next application.

Enhance. Use bronzer to keep your new sun-free tan looking even fresher. Ally recommends Nars Laguna bronzer, a cult favorite.  Laguna is the perfect blend of matte bronzer with a touch of illuminating shimmer. Placement is key.  Apply to your cheeks, hairline and between your brows for a realistic bronze.

The most important thing to remember? Stay safe from the sun!


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