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Cap and gown. Parties and celebrations. Goodbyes and new beginnings. Your senior year ended and your future has begun. You may feel overwhelmed with emotions ranging from ecstatic to terrified. You’re at a crossroads, and its time to make a decision: What’s next?

This may seem a little scary – but, it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at your strengths. If your love of hair and makeup hasn’t dwindled through high school and has only grown, cosmetology might be the right choice for you!

Say it is. Let’s look at what your future might look like if you choose to start cosmetology school as soon as you graduate versus waiting a while.

Option One – Starting school in the fall after you graduated

With prom past (and string of friends asking for your makeup advice dwindling), you cannot wait to learn how to get paid doing what you love. You’re excited about learning with countless people who share your passion. Say you start cosmetology school this fall. About a year later, the future you dreamed about is now your reality. With hard work and dedication, you passed your State Boards and now hold a cosmetology license. Can we say congratulations future you?

Now you’re ready to start changing the world through beauty. And, your inner fashionista couldn’t be more proud.

Option Two – Delaying your education

We get it. You may feel like starting cosmetology school would be too expensive for you right off the bat. So, you decide to start saving. You squeeze in as many hours as you can between your two part-time jobs. One night you are waitressing at a busy local hot spot, and the next day you are folding clothes at the mall. Although it seems like time is flying by and all you do is work, you check your savings account and realize you haven’t saved a dime in the six months you’ve been out of high school.

If you’re anything like us, that money you were saving for school went for eye shadows, hair products, nail polish and, probably supporting your life as an adult. So you refocus, make a new budget and repeat for the next six months.

Now, you’re a year out of high school and realize that you aren’t much better off than when you graduated high school.

The bottom line is this: Life will always throw obstacles at you – and it’s rare that you are ever going to really feel like your ducks are perfectly in a row. You owe it to yourself to live fearlessly and follow your dreams.

So what are you waiting for?

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