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Celebrate Earth Day all year long. Conserve water and enjoy nature with these easy styles.

Whether you’re biking, hiking or enjoying an outdoor picnic this Earth Day, we’ve compiled some of our favorite hairstyles that will hold up while you’re out enjoying your time in the sunshine. And while you may not be installing solar panels on your house, all the little things you CAN do add up. So save electricity by skipping the hot hair tools, conserve water by cutting a few minutes out of your shower and go outside to spend a day appreciating our Earth!

1. Side braid

The side braid lies close to the head so a helmet can easily sit flat for a long bike ride without ruining your style.  Incorporate nature to your look by braiding some flowers into your hair to or create a crown braid by wrapping the braid around your head.

2. Topknot

The topknot is an easy style that instantly makes you look messy chic. Pull it tight to make sure it keeps the hair out of your face on a windy day. You’ll never give up this 5-minute style once you have it mastered.

3. Head wrap

The head wrap is a go-to for springtime hairstyles. It keeps your hair out of your face, adds color to your look and takes less than a minute to master. A head wrap can also help you cut back on the water you use. Tie on a bandana or scarf to cover up your roots on the days your feel like skipping the shower.

4. Braided bangs

Braiding your bangs and pulling the rest of your hair back into a low pony or bun adds visual interest to your look while still being incredibly practical. Having your bangs secured back in a braid will ensure they stay out of your face during your time outside.

Use these styles as inspiration to stay eco-conscious all year long , and have a Happy Earth Day beauties!

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