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It’s November, and chances are you’ve been seeing more facial hair than usual. Why’s that? Because it’s Movember – an opportunity to grow out luxurious mustaches to raise money for men’s health awareness.

And grow, Movember has. What began as a grassroots effort in Melbourne, Australia, in 2003 has become a global phenomenon. By 2012, $147 million had been raised and put towards awareness for mental health, prostate health and other men’s preventative care awareness. published an article detailing advice from Kenny Duncan, a Philadelphia salon-owner, about remaining impeccably groomed, especially as Movember marches on. In the article, Kenny recommends ensuring the mustache rests on the upper lip and isn’t separated by too much skin. So whether you’re rocking a handle bar or want style tips to share, read more at

This is the first year the Maplewood, MN, campus is promoting Movember. On November 16 from 1-5 p.m., the students and staff hosted, “Shave the Date.” During that window, men received haircuts for $5 with all of the proceeds donated to the Movember foundation. Maplewood is hosting another Shave the Date event this Saturday, November 23.

Sarah G., Maplewood Campus Manager and stylist of 12 years, says it’s important to incorporate the mustache into a clients’ overall look.

“One of the things we teach the students in the rehearsal classrooms is to take someone’s lifestyle, the amount of time they want to spend and their overall look into consideration when you plan something out. A mustache, as small as it seems, is no different.”

This year Sarah and the students at Maplewood have seen plenty of clients wanting to gel or wax the ends of their “moustaches.”

Whether the client is rocking a handlebar or “the trucker,” keeping the mustache neat is key.

“Use your comb. So often the students think, ‘OK, I’m working on the face. I can only use my hands and my shears,’” Sarah said. “You can still comb it one direction and comb it another direction.”

With women’s health awareness month in October, Movember is another stylish way our students help clients keep preventative health top-of-mind.

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