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To mark the November 22 opening of Catching Fire, the second installment of the Hunger Games film trilogy, Covergirl® asked makeup artist and blogger Kandee Johnson to re-create the District 5 look. And, what a look it is – complete with vibrant eyeliner and neon eye shadow.

Kandee has been featured in top fashion magazines Elle®, Nylon®, Glamour®, Self® and Cosmopolitan® and has more than a few tips and tricks to share on her blog.

Using foundation, eyeliner, lipstick and more than a dusting of creativity, she developed a look fit for any District dweller. Kandee started by coloring her pixie short hair with red hair chalk. After applying foundation, came the shadows, liners and lipstick galore!

Thick black wings of eyeliner defined Kandee’s eyes, but in the tutorial created for her blog linked below, she showed just how creatively eye shadow and liner can be used. Kandee drew two waved lines in red and blue between her eye and eyebrow. Besides using eye shadow along the inner corners of her eyes, she also used teal-colored shadow to add dimension to the blue line she drew directly below each of her eyebrows.

Shadow and liner weren’t the only makeup bag staples that Kandee used unconventionally. She drew pink lipstick on her cheeks and blended with her finger tips until it became a light sheen. Kandee applied the same pink lipstick to trace her hairline, but there it remained more opaque.

The final touch to Kandee’s face makeup was a small green-blue triangle drawn onto her cheek. Guess how she managed crisp, geometric lines? With masking tape used as a stencil!

Watch Kandee’s Hunger Games makeup tutorial below to get the District Five look.

To push the style further, paint colorful geometric patterns on your nails like Kandee did using Covergirl® polish in purple, royal blue, teal, gold and blaze orange.

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