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When we found out our Regency marketing team member Stacy W. was jet-setting to Taiwan, we jumped at the chance to have her round up as many beauty products as she could get her well-manicured hands on for our FIRST EVER international #beautyhaul! Stacy shared her experience shopping in a foreign country and how she decided on her new beauty loot below:

 Hi, beauties! Technically I was in Taiwan to visit my younger sister, who is studying there, but I was also a woman on a mission: to find the best, coolest and most unique beauty products to take home with me! The first thing I needed to figure out was where to shop.

The logical first step was 7-11…unlike in the U.S., 7-11 stores in Taiwan have everything. And I mean everything. You can buy dinner (which they’ll heat up for you); your favorite lipgloss, bb cream and hair mask and even concert tickets all in one place, which makes it super easy and convenient.

I saw a lot of the brands that we have here on the shelves, just in slightly different packaging, and in Chinese, of course. One thing that really stood out to me was the huge variety of face-whitening products. Face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen, you name it, they have it.

Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel

As someone who constantly curses her pasty white skin, I couldn’t quite understand it, until my sister explained to me that just like American girls wish we were tan, Taiwanese girls wish they had fairer skin. I decided to skip these products (as I said, I do NOT have this problem. Thanks, Scandinavian genes!), but I did walk out with a “single-serving” honey face mask and a 5-minute hair repair treatment to try.

After 7-11, I decided that my next step should be a store entirely devoted to beauty: Watson’s. According to my sister (my on-the-ground beauty expert), this was the place to go for anything you wanted, or even products you didn’t know you wanted.

The first thing that I noticed when I walked into the 3-story store was how clean and organized it was! Even though they had products that we’d find at a CVS or Walgreens here, it felt much more like a department store makeup counter.

I was also impressed by the sheer number of products they had and the range. I saw products that we had in the U.S. and products that I had never seen before from companies that I knew. The shelves were stocked with everything from blemish-fighting stickers to high-end face masks activated by special mineral water spray.

Speaking of face masks, Taiwan is obsessed with them. I have never seen so many facemasks in my life, and so many different kinds! There were facemasks in tubes or pots like we’re used to, but also paper masks that were pre-soaked in solution. They were a little creepy on the shelves and on the packaging. I may have gotten a little face mask happy, but can you blame a girl? There were just so many!

I had a ton of fun shopping for my beauty haul, and now I can’t wait to try them out.

Honey Mask


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