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Deciding “what’s next” after you graduate high school

The end of your senior year is staring you in the face, and there is no question more intimidating than the constant, “What are YOU doing when you graduate?”

The group of people that were born knowing what they wanted to do is smaller than you think. You aren’t alone when you react to that question by resisting the urge to run away – far away. You’re in the same position as countless high school seniors.

Embrace Your Talents

The thought of “what’s next” after you graduate doesn’t have to be a scary thing! Defining your future can be fun and exhilarating when you take time to examine the things that make you happy and find a way to incorporate those into your career!

Grab a pen and piece of paper, take a few deep breathes, and answer these questions:

  • What are your natural talents?
  • Do you mostly rely on facts or your imagination?
  • Are you more comfortable sitting at a desk (stationary), or would you rather be on the go (mobile)?
  • Do you prefer to follow established processes, or do you thrive on constant discovery?

What’s the key to happiness in life? Although that question may not have one universal answer, we can tell you from experience that it is easier to love your life when you love your career!

Picture yourself five years from now. When you get out of bed in the morning, you are either going to be planting your feet on the ground with enthusiasm, or you’re going to be dragging them out inch by inch.

Wondering where to even start? Ask yourself this question:

Would your friends and family use any of these words to describe you?

  • Artistic
  • Social
  • Creative
  • Hands-on
  • Stylish
  • Compassionate

Maybe you were born with a hairbrush attached to your hand, or maybe you haven’t touched mascara in weeks. Either way, if any of the above words describe you, a career in cosmetology is worth a look. This dynamic industry has countless paths to explore so it doesn’t just mean being a stylist behind the chair.

Take a look at these career opportunities that just scratch the surface of what a cosmetology career could be:

  • Hair Colorist
  • Hairstylist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Salon/Spa Manager
  • Salon/Spa Owner
  • Platform Artist
  •  Photo / Movie Stylist
  • Wedding Stylist
  • Beauty Product Representative
  • Director/Educator at a cosmetology school

By now, maybe you have already run to the campus to enroll, or maybe you still aren’t quite sure if this is the right direction for you after graduation. You’re still intrigued enough to continue reading, and might be asking yourself the question – Why cosmetology?

You might not know that the cosmetology industry has benefits like:

  • A creative and flexible career to fit your lifestyle
  • The ability to give people confidence
  • Ever-changing tasks
  • In some cases, the opportunity to be your own boss
  • Freedom to express your creativity

The ship hasn’t sailed yet.

NOW is the time to graduate from your bathroom mirror to our beautiful Performance Floor and start doing something that will excite you every day.

It’s time to own your future and the answer the burning, “What are YOU doing when you graduate?” question that you have been avoiding. Just imagine how great it will feel to boldly answer it and know what your future looks like. We’re here to help you from the moment you pick up the phone until after the day you graduate.

So – let us help you begin!

 Written by Janna H., Regency Beauty Institute Admissions Representative

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