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Here’s how. One Regency Beauty Institute graduate shares her tip for flawless mascara application.

Going through a morning makeup ritual, there’s nothing worse than completing a lined lid only to swipe some mascara across your lashes and – wait for it – smudge them. This annoyance is all-to-common for the busy fashionista running out the door to work or for coffee with friends.

Fear not. When graduate Geri F. attended the Regency Beauty Institute Cypresswood campus in Spring, TX, she recorded a beauty tip to ensure those mascara-dusted lashes of yours don’t smear on any of your other eye makeup.

What you need: A business card, scissors, mascara and a mascara wand

What to do:

1. Take the business card and scissors in hand.

2. Cut a curve in the business card so if fits over your eyelid.

3. Next, hold the business card over your eyelid as you apply your mascara so it creates a barrier between your eyelid and lashes.

4. Sweep upward and notice any excess mascara smears on the outside of the business card and not your eyelid.

5.  Remove the card, and voila! You’re the proud owner of smudge-free lashes.

Watch Geri’s video tutorial to see the beauty tip in action.

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