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Regency student Ninah S. was featured on First Chair for a “Sunset Mimosa” look she created on a client. Showcasing work is a great way to get your talent noticed and highlight all the skills you learn at beauty school. We caught up with the Regency grad Ninah, and she shared some of her beauty school experience and tips.

Name: Ninah (Janinah) S.

Campus: Regency Beauty Institute – Newport News Campus

Graduated: March 2014

Currently: Working at Envy Salon & Spa

Q: Why did you get started in cosmetology? What drew you to such a creative field?

A: I got started in cosmetology because I absolutely love sharing the power of touch. It’s amazing what a soft touch of beauty would do. [And I love] being able to create and sculpt with [my natural] tools.

Q: What were some of your favorite skills you learned in cosmetology school?

A: At Regency Beauty Institute, I enjoyed learning the thrilling techniques of cutting hair. It was intriguing to watch educators have fun, while creating new looks.

Q: In your First Chair feature, your shared your love for color. Why do you like experimenting with color?

A: I am SO passionate about color. It’s fresh, fun and fantastic! It can change a client’s mood, confidence and self-perception. If you can make a woman smile, she can conquer the world.

Q: Who are some of your hair and fashion inspirations?

A: It’s not so much a “who”…but more of a “what!” I’m inspired by the world around me. There is so much beauty around us. It’s up to you to add that creative spark to create it.

Q: What is your dream for your future in cosmetology?

A: That’s the best part of this field! There are so many different avenues I could venture. And honestly, I am obsessed with it all. For now I’m trying to perfect my craft. Continue my education and who knows? Sky’s the limit, right?

Q: What advice you would give to current cosmetology students who are looking to get their work noticed?

A: The best advice I could give to a cosmetology student is to remain positive. Your journey has only begun! Pace yourself. You can’t become a professional overnight. Lastly, reach and teach. Be on the search for new techniques, education and ways to improve. And once you have learned it, share it.

View her work here.

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