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Cosmetology is a science and an art. Regency Beauty Institute in North Tucson, AZ brought the disciplines together during a hands-on anatomy course lead by instructor Rachel B.

The course helped the cosmetology school students understand how massage is enhanced through a visual understanding of the bones and muscles.  Students were able to create realistic face charts and practice on one another by using makeup to show the muscles below the surface of the skin.

“We actually had to visualize the muscles on the face,” said cosmetology student Karina D. “It’s something you don’t get to see everyday.”

Understanding what’s beneath the surface of a face makes a huge difference in massage. Facial massage is much gentler than a typical massage. It can improve circulation and skin tone, stimulate blood flow and relieve tension.

Mocking up the facial muscles using makeup was a hands-on way for the students to learn, Rachel said. “Learning the bones and muscles of the face and head, the nerves and the blood supply is essential for massage.”

‘Seeing’ below the surface of the skin also helps get the students excited about anatomy.

“Learning it visually keeps the cosmetology side of it in the forefront of students’ minds,” Rachel said.


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