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Blaine campus grad honored with Fantastic Sam’s stylist award.

Congratulations to Regency Beauty Institute grad Sophia M. who was featured as Fantastic Sam’s Stylist of the Year at the MN region’s first annual style appreciation event this February. She graduated in 2006 from the Blaine campus and has been working at Fantastic Sam’s for eight years. We caught up with Sophia and found out why she chose cosmetology and more about her award.

On her time at Regency

Sophia always loved makeup, fashion, hair and design, so she knew breaking into the world of cosmetology was the right path for her. “It’s important to listen to your instincts so you are happy at your job. You don’t want to force what you’re doing,” Sophia said.

While attending Regency, she was able to use her passion for the beauty industry to help learn the technical side of the industry. She was able to focus on her own progress and make sure she was getting all she could out of learning different service techniques. Sophia was driven to finish cosmetology school and start her career as soon as she could.  Sophia graduated early because of her near-perfect attendance record. This allowed her to start doing what she loved right away. “If you want something bad enough, you’ll go for it,” Sophia said. “Just have a positive mindset about pushing to get done and about getting that job you want.”

On her career after graduation

For Sophia, one of the best parts of the cosmetology industry was the quick turn-around time from school to career. “I started working while my friends were going into their second year of college. It was really nice to be doing something I loved right away,” Sophia said.  After taking about a month off after school, Sophia was able to secure a job at Fantastic Sam’s where she has been a stylist for eight years.

She has also continued her education beyond Regency to ensure she is well-versed in new trends. She took a week long intensive cutting-class to help her practice skills and learn new techniques.

On her award

Sophia had no idea she had been nominated for Fantastic Sam’s stylist of the year. This was the first year Fantastic Sam’s presented an award like the one Sophia received in Minnesota. Sophia always strives to do well in the salon, but she didn’t realize everyone had noticed all her hard work. “It shows Fantastic Sam’s really appreciates me and that I’m actually a positive influence in other people’s lives,” added Sophia.  “It’s really nice to be acknowledged.”

Sophia sees her career in the beauty industry as a chance to try out many new creative outlets. “In cosmetology, you can go in any direction,” said Sophia. “That’s what I love about it.”

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