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A Regency Beauty Institute student recently won the grand prize at a “Battle of the Schools” competition at the Avanté Salon 360 in Mansfield, TX.

The beauty school students at the Arlington, TX campus competed against students from Paul Mitchell The School and Ogle School. The competition was fierce but full-time Regency student Brescia R. took home the grand prize with her “Phantom of the Opera”-inspired look. Brescia is also the winner of the 2013 Jennifer Jones Scholarship.

“It was a bit dark and a bit girly and 100% Brescia,” campus manager Christina B said.

The students who competed were each given a masquerade mask to work around and then given creative freedom to create a look of their choice. This gave the students the chance to interpret the masks any way they thought they could best showcase their talents. The students created a complete look –  the models’ hair, makeup and clothing as part of the competition.

“We were so proud without the win, but bringing home the grand prize – we’re definitely doing something right,” Christina added.

Eight students from the Arlington campus competed in the competition, but another 15 students came out to support their cosmo classmates.

“I always knew that bringing a sense of community to my campus was something important,” Christina said, “but I never expected the students to love, care and support each other the way they do!”

Regency students and staff involved in Battle of the Schools. From left: Christina Brooke (campus manager), Marquisha Burks, Brescia Rodriguez, Rene’ Rivera, Kimberly Sosa, Jose Martinez and Celeste Stiller (performance floor manager).

Regency students and staff involved in Battle of the Schools. From left: Christina B., Marquisha B., Brescia R., Rene’ R., Kimberly S., Jose M. and Celeste S.

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