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Showing off your creativity before big names in the beauty industry is a dream for many up-and-coming cosmetologists. Three Regency Beauty Institute students were able to do just that this June at Wella’s Premiere Orlando student competition.

Dorlissea P., a Regency student at the Copperwood, Texas campus, and Cortnee F., a Regency student at the Olathe, Kansas campus, competed in the Urban Native Wella color competition. Marquisha B., a student from the Regency in Arlington, Texas, competed in the Borderline Beauty Sebastian styling competition.

All three contestants were selected to move on in the Wella competitions from our very own Regency TrendVision contest. Regency students were instructed to create their own unique looks based on one of two trends: Wella’s Urban Native or Sebastian’s Borderline Beauty. All Regency student entries were then judged by Wella professionals. Marquisha’s submission earned her a place in the Sebastian category, Borderline Beauty, at Premiere Orlando. Four other students, including Cortnee and Dorlissea, were chosen to compete at Wella TrendVision in Minneapolis. From there, Cortnee and Dorlissea advanced to the Premiere Orlando student competition to compete in the Urban Native category.

The Regency students flew to Orlando on Sunday, June 1, to compete with students from schools across the country. The night before the competition, participants attended a VIP party to mingle with big names from the beauty industry and network with fellow cosmetologists-in-the making. Wella professionals also showcased new technology, products and techniques for the students. Students were even given the opportunity to ‘leave their mark’ by placing the handprints on the color.ID wall.

“The VIP party was a really interactive space all about color,” Regency’s campus marketing coordinator Becca S. said.

Dorlissea P. and her winning look.

Dorlissea P. and her winning look.

The Day Of

The competitors were ready to get preparations for the student competition underway by 6am on Monday, June 2. After less than three hours of prep time, the students took to the stage to show off their styles.

While on stage, they were asked what inspired their styles and the different techniques they used.

“There was a lot of quiet excitement as nerves kicked in backstage, but onstage you couldn’t even tell,” Becca said. “They were so calm and collected.”

Dorlissea took first place in the Urban Native category by adding intense purple shades to her sleek style. Her win earned her a spot as a semi-finalist in the running to compete in the North America TrendVision Awards (NATVA) in Los Angeles. Her biggest challenge during the competition was making sure her style, inspired by a purple sunset over a cool blue lake, was even better than last time.

Pictured: Marquisha B. and her model

Pictured: Marquisha B. and her model

“I made the look more intense, but still as soft as a feather,” Dorlissea said.

Cortnee’s style incorporated a mix of pastel colors, braids and curls earning her a third place spot in the Wella Urban Native category. Cortnee said one of the toughest parts of the competition was working under such tight time constraints. Competitions like this give students a sense of what it is like working under pressure with a busy schedule while still creating detailed looks.

Marquisha said that whenever styling it’s important to “be true to yourself and to your vision.” Her style was a mix of underground and high fashion runway. She wanted to blend the two styles together to create an edgy look. It was important for her to be prepared for the show, but also to be resilient regardless of the outcome. “Be ready. Be fierce. Be yourself. And don’t ever give up,” she added.

Our Regency students pulled out all the stops at Wella’s Premiere Orlando show. They demonstrated that talent and originality comes from the Regency family all across the country. Congratulations to these future cosmos!

Pictured: Cortnee F. and her model

Pictured: Cortnee F. and her model

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