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Three cheers for the Regency Beauty Institute campus in Knoxville, TN! This summer the students organized a water and food drive to benefit the local Salvation Army. The students hung posters throughout the campus and talked to guests during services about the organization’s mission.

“It was a really great opportunity to help people outside of Regency,” said Christina D., the Knoxville campus student council president.

The result? Collection bins at the front desk overflowing with canned fruit, canned vegetables and water bottles galore.

Christina heard about the opportunity from her performance floor manager.

“She was telling me about the Salvation Army and how we could help out. We just loved the idea. We started working with it,” Christina said.

The students called the Salvation Army for a list of acceptable donations and set to work.

The drive taught the students the importance of getting the word out quickly, making a difference in the local community and being humble, Christina said; “Helping others doesn’t just make us feel good. But, it also makes us realize, there’s a world outside of Regency, a world to be able to help others with food, water and beauty. It’s important to be able to step outside our comfort zone.”

The students pulled together as a team to work for the greater good. We couldn’t be more proud.

In an article posted on the Knoxville Salvation Army blog, the Knoxville Area Commander is quoted saying, “We are humbled by the response we received from our neighbors in our time of need. The Salvation Army has always relied on the generosity of local residents to help us do our work, and they have once again answered our call and provided relief to those in need.”

Keep up the outstanding work Knoxville!

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