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Regency students always strive to make a difference in someone’s life, and the students at Regency Beauty Institute in Fort Myers, FL did just that when they gave one breast cancer survivor a makeover.

“So many students have had loved ones impacted by cancer,” said Mindy R., one of the managers in Fort Myers.

The student council began brainstorming ideas to show their support during breast cancer awareness month. Ana Martinez, a student council member, found it fitting for the beauty school to give a survivor a makeover. Regency student Paola D. suggested her mother, a breast cancer survivor.

“She loved it. You could tell as soon as she walked in she was feeling down,” Paola said. “When it was finished, you could just tell how happy she was.”

The makeover included a manicure, pedicure, haircut, thermal style and makeup application. The students held bake sales to raise money for the makeover and paid for all the services themselves. The appointments were split among the students so that everyone could be a part of the process.

The students were eager to give back to someone in their community and being able to help support someone in the Regency family hit close to home. Mindy said many of the students became emotional after the makeover.  They were all so proud when they saw the look Paola’s mother’s face after it was complete.

“Her whole face lit up,” Paola said. “It was really nice.” “You have that moment when it’s finished, and it’s the first time she has felt pretty in so long,” Mindy said. “That final moment is incredible.”

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