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Regency students and staff at the St. Cloud, MN, campus are making a difference in the lives of others both at home and abroad. This fall, the students sent 32 care packages to troops deployed in Afghanistan.

Danielle D., one student at the campus, spoke with her husband’s former unit currently serving abroad. She learned morale was down. That was all Danielle and the rest of the campus needed to hear before snapping into action.

“Student council working together with the students on something like this was huge,” Campus Manager Darnita Y. said.

With student council president Jessica G. and vice president Danielle leading the charge, the students organized ‘donation days’ where everyone could “pay” to wear jeans. The campus also hosted morning bagel sales and a spirit week to raise money including ‘dress like an educator’ day.

Donated and purchased items for the care packages included hair ties, snacks, bobby pins, aftershave, shampoo, conditioner, tooth brushes, tooth paste, mouthwash and – to add a little comic relief – squirt guns.

“[The students] were excited about what they’re donating. It strengthened us as a campus because we all were working towards the same goal,” Danielle said.

Besides the donations, the students wrote letters wishing the women and men safe and speedy deployments.

Danielle said the effort showed everyone the importance of giving back and the happiness to be gained by helping others. “When they told us that we had 58 pounds to ship, that was just an awesome feeling.”

Darnita said the campus plans to make the donations to troops stationed abroad an annual effort.

Way to make a difference St. Cloud!

Pictured left: Students at the St. Cloud campus rallied together and donated to troops stationed in Afghanistan. Photo by Shayna B.

The unit that received the donations.

Above: The unit that received the donations.


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