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Stock up on the right products to keep you protected from the sun over spring break.

It’s just about time for spring break. Get excited. Chances are good as a future cosmetologist your friends may ask how to protect their skin and hair during a week in the sun. Before they go splashing in the ocean and lying on the beach, make sure they’re prepared for the elements.

Cosmetologist and Regency Beauty Institute Admissions Representative Denise Z. shared some of her favorite warm-weather products and tips to stay safe while you relax. Start with our Sun Safety Quiz to brush up on your SPF facts and figures, and then check out our sun safe beauty recommendations below.

Face: The transition into spring is always a good reminder to double check that all your beauty choices include SPF protection. Many moisturizers, primers, foundations and BB creams contain SPF, so there is no excuse to skimp on the sun protection. A BB cream is the easiest way to get light coverage and SPF, but layering a primer under foundation with SPF works great for long-lasting, heavy coverage. If you’re an “au naturel” gal and like to skip all makeup on vacation, make sure you keep a moisturizer with SPF handy to stay safe. Denise’s favorite way to incorporate SPF into her makeup is with Bare Minerals. She pairs that foundation with Isagenix Rejuvity Skin Care System.



Skin: It is always important to keep your skin protected from the sun. Using products that feel light and are easy to apply can make the task feel a little less daunting. Denise recommends sticking to non-GMO sunscreens. For Denise’s favorites, check out Trader Joes or Whole Foods. Organic Coconut Oil is a perfect post-sun moisturizer. Use it as a body location to hydrate once you’re back indoors.


Lips: Sun damage on your lips is not only dangerous, it can be incredibly painful. Keep your pucker safe with a lip balm containing SPF. You’ll be protected from the harmful rays and keep your lips feeling soft and moisturized. Don’t forget about an exfoliator. She loves Fresh Sugar Lip Polish and Sugar Balm to get your lips spring break-ready.

Accessories: You would never hit the beach without sunglasses to protect your eyes. Now add Denise’s favorite accessory, an oversized floppy hat, to your bag of tricks. Floppy hats are one of the most convenient accessories that continuously resurface when the sun starts shining. They can protect your hair from the sun’s rays. Keep your line of vision shaded and protect your skin with a wide brim.

Hair: When preparing to protect yourself over break, don’t leave your hair out of the picture. Pick up a hairspray with SPF included in the ingredients or add a little Moroccan oil to your hair to keep it from going dull. If your hair feels damaged after spending time outside, whip up your own DIY hair mask when you return home!

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