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With festive gatherings galore, the holidays are the perfect time to take your tresses from regular to runway ready.

The holidays also herald chances to travel and celebrate with faraway relatives. And, that means you’ll be leaving on a jet-plane very soon. With airports all across the country at their peak of activity, many of us don’t want to be bothered checking a bag.

The space left over in your bag after packing away presents and formal wear, then plays a major role in determining your featured hairstyle as you dance the “Jingle Bell Rock.”

Styling tools with dual functionality become a great way to save space and still give you the flexibility you need to follow your whimsy and style those luscious locks curly or stick-straight. The flat iron is one such life-saver!

Contrary to its name, the flat iron can be used to curl as well as straighten hair.

Licensed cosmetologist and Regency Admissions Supervisor Jade P. offers the holiday hair tutorial below to maximize the functionality of the flat iron.

To curl hair, follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Separate a section of hair
  • Close the arms of the flat iron around the section
  • Turn the flat iron 90 degrees outward
  • Hold the ends of your hair level as you pull the flat iron through

One quote from celebrated author Oscar Wilde reads, “Simplicity is beauty, and beauty is simplicity – nothing more, nothing less.”

What’s simpler than remembering to pack a two-in-one styling tool? And, I think we can all agree…the end result certainly is beautiful!

Watch the tutorial by Regency’s Jade to get the look. Remember to apply heat protectant before curling to prevent any damage or breakage.

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