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Want advice about landing your dream job after graduating? Our graduates dish on their favorite job search techniques.

Getting ready to graduate? We asked our Facebook fans to share their advice about landing a wow-worthy job. From creating your first portfolio to setting up a Facebook page to promote your work, these grads have been there. Let their advice guide you on your journey:


  1. Tiffany C. – “I graduated almost two years ago, and I landed my dream job by getting out and meeting new people and building connections.”
  2. Katie L. – “Have a great lookbook with at least 10 looks. Also, have a professional resume with a cover letter. Lastly, make sure you look the part, and be professional in every situation. The world’s a small place.”
  3. Ashley R. – “Take part in Salon Fair. Never stop researching up-and-coming styles. Take lots of before and after pictures. Work on customer service skills. Do thorough consultations. Put yourself out there! Market! Go visit local salons; get a vision and a 5 year plan for where you want to be in your future career, and don’t settle for anything less!”
  4. Nic M. – “Start looking before you graduate, research the salons you’re interested in. Make sure they provide ongoing training/education. Research the types of products they use, tools, what their salon’s protocol is and always be professional.”
  5. Alisha I. – “Get a job in the industry while you’re still in school. I got a job as a salon receptionist right after I started school, and I was able to move right into stylist training after I was licensed.”
  6. Jessica P. – “Keep a portfolio, and get the word out!! Talk to everyone. You never know if someone knows of a salon that’s hiring.”
  7. Bri C. – “Make a Facebook page for your work! A very easy way to get your work seen!”

Inspired yet? Go forth in fabulousness!

And remember, as a Regency Beauty Institute grad, you can always call Career Services for extra pointers: 800-787-6456 – Option 5.

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