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Sometimes it can be hard to balance school and life when friends and family want to visit with you just as much as you want to practice your styling technique. How do our students walk that perfect balance between life and school? We asked two current students, Kellie G. and Chelsea S., and graduate Julie M. to share their tips to stay sane, savvy and – best of all – stylish.

1. Choose the best schedule for you.

That’s right. It all starts with the schedule. Students who choose the full-time schedule can work at night and on the weekends, whereas, part-time students can work a regular work week. Julie chose the full-time schedule because she wanted her nights and weekends free. So, who can help you decide? Our admissions counselors help each of our students determine the schedule that will best fit their lifestyle.

2. Plan ahead.

If your planner or smartphone calendar isn’t already your best friend, it quickly might be when you start school, as it did for Chelsea, Kellie and Julie.

Julie recommends planning appointments far in advance so you can be sure they land on days when you don’t have school. Chelsea also plans her weekends in advance, to make sure she still has time to see friends and family besides preparing for the upcoming week.

Chelsea offers this advice: “It’s all about prioritization.”

To save EVEN MORE time, Kellie makes her lunches for the week during the weekend, so she feels less crunched for time between her full-time job and part-time school schedule.

3. Find a support system.

Kellie keeps on track by looking to her fellow classmates for support.

“We have an amazing group of students right now. We’re like family. Having other people there who motivate you is huge,” Kellie said.

Chelsea finds success by seeking support from educators she connects with as well as other students.

“Utilize the resources at the campus because all of the teachers will go over material if you ask them.”

4. Set expectations.

This is it! The moment you’ve been waiting for. You’ve FINALLY started cosmetology school. Time to sing it from a mountain top. And, by telling your friends and family, they’ll be understanding if you need to skip a movie or barbeque once and a while. Chances are you weren’t born knowing how to cut the perfect graduated bob. But with a little time and dedication, it will certainly feel like it!

Kellie sums it up best, “Having everyone else understand why you need to be there to clock your hours will motivate you.”

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