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Each year street style is reinvented in the constant quest to capture the drama of the runway and make it accessible for the everyday style guru.

This year is no different.

With classic beauty makeup turned on its head or reinvigorated in runway shows this spring, there are plenty of trends to try for the style-wise looking to add some inspiration to their look.

What better way to explore runway trends then give them a go ourselves and report back?

Introducing: Trying the Trends.

Each season members of our Regency team will try trends straight off the runway to see just how easily they can be incorporated into your everyday style. From gallery openings to the grocery store, the possibilities are endless.

In this edition of Trying the Trends, we opted to take the ‘painted eye’ look and classic low pony for a spin.

Low Pony Tail

Admissions Representative Violet R. began by styling her low pony with a twist. Low ponytails like Violet’s were spotted loosely gathered, swept back and severely parted at spring shows by Nina Ricci, Victoria Beckham and Jason Wu respectively.

The Steps

1. Brush hair

2. Pull the hair back into a low pony at the nape of the neck.

3. Brush hair from scalp to neck to smooth the style.

4. If your hair is textured, add a smoothing product to tame any fly-aways hairs at your temples.

5. Spray your hair with a light, buildable hairspray for a natural hold.

6. Take a piece of hair, divide it in two, twist it and wrap around your ponytail securing the end out of sight with a bobby pin.

To create the style, Violet parted her hair in the middle, but a side or no part could also be used.

“You can use any part that would feel comfortable with,” Violet said. “The most flattering part is usually above the eyebrow arch angled toward the center of the head.”

Pro Tips

Violet recommends using a boar bristle brush to really smooth your hair. And, if your hair is layered, make sure to choose a piece of hair to twist that is long enough to wrap around your ponytail completely.

For Violet, the style was easy to create and perfect for those hot summer days when you can’t stand to turn on the flat iron.

Painted Eyes


Painted Eyes Trend

After we balanced the look with a classic low ponytail, we walked on the wild side and gave painted eyes a try.

This whimsical variation on the usual eye shadow application was all over the runway this spring from the teal-dusted lids at the Antonio Massas show to the heavy black, periwinkle, red, yellow and green mosaic sported by models in the Chanel event.

Violet used white, blue and green eyeliner to create a painted eye look that didn’t just pop it WOWed.


1. Draw a wing following the natural curve of your eye.

2. Highlight the top of the wing in another color.

3. Then, trace your waterline with a third color for a little playful variation.

Pro Tips

Draw a dot where you want your wing to end. That way it’s easier to make sure both eye looks symmetrical. And if you’re just beginning to experiment with eyeliner, opt for an eye pencil. They’re easier to control and handle when you’re first starting off. Make a mistake? Use primer to erase without damaging the rest of your makeup application.

The options for this look range from gallery openings to festivals

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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