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Lynette R., a Regency grad from the East Tucson campus, is using the power of self-marketing through YouTube to grow her online portfolio and share her talent internationally.

“This industry is so visual that having [a YouTube channel] in a portfolio and being able to refer to it speaks to loudly,” Lynette said.  “Having that online content has been a really powerful tool for me.”

A Strong Start

Lynette started her YouTube channel, NailsWithLynette, under co-ownership with a production company, but has since ventured out on her own.  She now creates her own content for the channel, from brainstorming ideas to editing the clips together. Lynette has more than 40,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she films everything from beauty and nail tutorials to “follow me around”-style vlogs.

When she started creating her own videos, she felt like she had a lot to learn, but the feeling of creating something on her own is so rewarding. She taught herself video editing by using online resources.

The Annual Princess Event: When nominated girls can create their prom look.


“Ironically enough, I’ve taught myself how to edit by watching other YouTube videos and tutorials on using different software,” she said. “Doing it on your own is about being as dedicated as you can be and watching those numbers grow.”

The Topic Matters

When Lynette creates content for her channel she is able to showcase her talent, but also create videos that really matter to her. She said it is important to make videos you have an interest in and that you would want to watch.

“Putting out content that you’re excited about will be very clear to your audience,” Lynette said. “That kind of content will shine through.”

It’s important that viewers are able to see what you are talking about or creating in a video, but having the most expensive cameras and lights on the market isn’t what will get you viewers. Having high-quality ideas is more important than having fancy equipment. Lynette recommends starting a channel regardless of the amount of money you can put into producing you videos.

“It’s really all about community,” said Lynette. “People will understand that you might not have the best camera or lighting, but you can gradually build up to that. People will love following you in that journey.”


Polish and accessories Lynette uses


Building Her Brand

Lynette’s YouTube channel has made her online presence much more powerful. She was discovered for her current position, a nail artist in the Beverly Hills nail salon, Olive & June, through her online content. Through her new position at Olive and June she has been able to work celebrity soirees and red carpet events, including this year’s Oscars.

“It has opened up so many doors for me,” Lynette said.

The most rewarding part of having a channel on YouTube to showcase her work has been able to have a global reach. Being a part of that international beauty community can help strengthen your personal brand and be a reference point when looking for your dream job.

“It’s so worth it,” Lynette said. “Even if you just try it out, you really have nothing to lose.”

Check out Lynette’s video on New York Fashion Week nail art.

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