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We’re on top of our prom game. Here’s what we would pack in our prom bag.


Prom is the one of the most exciting nights of your high school career – getting all dolled up, going out to dinner and dancing the night away. You have got to be on top of your beauty game. The last thing you want is to have to worry about what might go wrong. Well we have you covered! Fill up your prom bag with these essentials to make sure you don’t find yourself in the middle of a major makeup meltdown or wardrobe malfunction!

1. Clutch  Consider this your beauty emergency kit for the night. From bobby pins to blotting paper, theme tools will help you feel fashionable.

2. Mascara – Add some extra drama to your look mid-way through the night.

3.  Mints – Whether you will be dancing or chatting all night, keep some gum or mints handy to stay smelling fresh! Trust us.

4. Fashion Tape – How good are you at dancing in a strapless dress all night long? Not very? Neither are we. That’s why fashion tape can be your lifesaver on prom night. You can use it to hold up your dress or tape up your hem.



5. Mirror & brush compact – Find a hairbrush mirror combo, and you’re set. Check your teeth after dinner or run to the restroom and fix any stray hairs with one tool.

6. Concealer Stick – A concealer stick is perfect for prom because it won’t spill all over your bag. Yet, it gives you the flexibility to touch up throughout the evening.

7. Pain relief Nothing is worse than a pounding headache on an otherwise wonderful night. Keep a fix in your bag in case you feel one sneaking up.

8. Comb  Tame fly-aways with this must-have.

9. Stain Remover – A stain remover is essential for a prom bag. From the prom dinner to the snacks after, prom is a spaghetti stain waiting to happen.

10. Hairspray – Hairspray is a must to keep your ‘do in place all night. Bringing a travel-sized bottle can calm any frizz that pops up during the evening.

11. Blotting Papers – Nothing is cute about being shiny in pictures, so keep blotting papers handy.

12. Bobby Pins – Regardless of your hairstyle for the evening, bobby pins always come in handy. Hold a stray curl in place, secure your updo for all that dancing or lend one to a friend.

13. Safety Pins –Safety pins can be a much easier alternative to a sewing kit during a wardrobe malfunction.

14. Hair Band – The creaseless bands are perfect if you want to put your hair up to cool off while keeping your style intact!


15. Clear Nail Polish – Nail polish is a great product to have around as a multipurpose tool. It can help stop snags in clothing, repair shoe scuffs and save a chipped nail from further chips.

16. Lip product – Whether you choose a lipstick, gloss or stain for the evening, don’t get caught after dinner without a touch up. Pick a longwearing formula, and make sure you bring it with you to the dance!

17. Multi-purpose product – An all-over color product can be used on you lips, cheeks and eyes to add a touch of color and shimmer. Keeping an all in one product in your bag reduces the need to pack all your beauty goodies.

18. Friction block – Apply this a few times throughout the night to have an invisible barrier between your heel and your foot. This will cover a wider area than just a bandage and is even more discrete.

19. Perfume –  Dancing for hours? Enough said.

20. Bandages – As an alternative to the friction block, bandages can save your heels during a long night of dancing. Pop a few on the back of your heels when you start to feel your shoes rub, and you’ll save yourself from days of foot pain.

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