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Whether you’re headed to a one-day or weekend long music festival, packing the right beauty essentials in your bag can make the day much less stressful. Start with the bag. You’re going to want something hands free – a cross body or a fanny pack depending on how much you are going to try to hold inside. Check out these music festival beauty bag must-haves to help take your mind off of the stress of packing and let you enjoy your time in the sun.

Sunglasses – An obvious choice, but a tragedy if forgotten. It’s likely you’ll be wearing these most of the day, so they shouldn’t take up too much space in your bag.

Watch – A day with no phone charger? Your phone is probably going to die, and depending on the number of people around, music festivals are often dead zones for cell phones. Keep a good old fashioned watch handy, and pick a time to meet up with your friends at a specific location in case you get separated.

Water – The hardest part of spending all this time out in the sun is staying hydrated throughout. Bring a collapsible water bottle and fill up whenever you pass an oasis.

Ear plugs – You love the music – otherwise you wouldn’t be there, right? But day after day of pounding music isn’t doing your hearing any favors. Keep some ear plugs handy for the shows where you find yourself right in front.

Mini-sunscreen stick – Everyone knows how important it is to protect your skin from the sun, so don’t neglect it just because you aren’t lounging on the beach. A mini fits nicely in your bag while still being ready when you need some SPF backup.

Lip balm with SPF – A tinted lip balm with SPF can be all the color your need for your festival beauty routine. It’s quick, it’s easy and it will keep your lips from peeling like an iguana.

Oil absorbing sheets – Keeping a small pack of oil absorbing sheets handy will get you through the long days a little less shiny.

Pressed powder – Use this alongside your oil absorbing sheets to stay shine free. Pick a powder with light coverage and SPF. Touch up throughout the day to stay protected from the sun.

Waterproof zip bag – Keep your phone and cash in a plastic bag that zips closed in case you encounter any unexpected H2O. Through the rain, sweat or sprinklers your valuables will stay dry and operational.

Tissues – Keep a couple handy, so they can quickly double up as napkins for any spills.

Hair tie – At first the long, wavy, flowers-in-your-hair look seemed like a good idea. Now all you want is that mane up and off your neck. Don’t forget to bring along a hair tie for any unruly hair emergencies.

Some of our festival must-haves.

Some of our festival must-haves.

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