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The reasons students decide to study cosmetology are as diverse as the career options available! A recent study conducted by Regency shed even more light on the reasons our students pursue a future in cosmetology.

Let’s a take a closer look! The research study found having a life-long love of cosmetology, wanting to help others look and feel their best and leveraging creative talents were among the top reasons applicants and students said they considered or enrolled in beauty school.

Life-long passion

63% of applicants said a life-long passion for cosmetology was among their top three reasons for applying. This number is EVEN HIGHER for students at 70%.

Helping others

64% of applicants said wanting to help others look and feel their best was among their top three reasons for filling out an application to cosmetology school. For current students, it’s 72%.


Self-expression or creating “living art” also drove applications and enrollment. 66% of applicants said leveraging their creativity was in the top three reasons that inspired them to apply. 53% of students agreed!

Why else should you consider cosmetology?

Many Regency students are drawn to the flexibility of the industry. Some career paths allow you to set your own hours, and no matter where you move, guests want to look beautiful. Others love experiencing the excitement of life events – weddings, dances, special occasions – right along with the men and women who sit in their chairs.

There’s no doubt…it’s an industry driven by change, continued advancement and a whole lot of passionate artists. Are you ready to join the next generation in beauty?

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