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Get ready to get your team spirit on. The World Cup is finally here! According to FIFA, the month long soccer tournament is the most widely watched sporting event in the world, so you won’t want to miss out. Whether you’re rooting for five-time champion Brazil, cheering on a European country like France or England or supporting the U-S-of-A, working your team’s colors into your style is more than half the fun.

Stay Subtle

Nail Art- With new games every day, change up your nail color for each match to show which team you’re rooting for. Go simple with solid alternating colors for your team of choice, or go a bit more dramatic and create miniature versions of team’s flag on your nails.

Eyeliner – Adding a pop of color to your waterline can be subtle enough so you won’t look like a clown while you’re at work, but still gives you the chance to show off a little soccer spirit. Try to choose a color from your team that is complementary to your eye color.

Go Bold

Pigmented Eye Art – If you are feeling bold, go a step beyond the eyeliner to full-on eye art. From bright colors to miniature flag depictions, your lids are the canvas. Go wild! Get ready to spend hours on Pinterest and YouTube finding inspiration.

Hair Extensions – For the team spirit rockstars, try adding color to your locks. Dye a few strands of your hair a shade that will let everyone know which team you are rooting for, or pick up a few clip-in extensions for a temporary change.

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