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The popular saying goes, “The eyes are windows into the soul.” That may be true, but eyes, and more specifically, eye lashes, are also windows into great fashion. Looking glamorous from head to toe starts with long lashes.

False lashes can be challenging to apply, especially for first-timers. Watch a video tip from one Blaine campus educator Jesse T. to take all the guess work out of applying an enviable false lash.

To start, hold the lash in one hand and the glue applicator in the other. Squeeze until a small bubble of glue forms, and apply the glue along the length of the lash – the less glue the better.

Next, shape the lash by holding either end, so the lash is formed in the shape of a ‘U.’ Alternately pull either ends of the lash back and forth to stretch the lash so it becomes more manageable.

To apply, place the lash directly on the lash line, so the false lash blends in with the natural lashes of your guest.

Then, fan the lash until it’s nearly dry (about 95%). Instruct your guest to open the eye slowly, and make any last minute adjustments to the alignment of the lash.

“Place it to make sure they’re even on both sides. Hug it right into the lash line,” Jesse said.

Watch Jesse’s video tip for drop-dead gorgeous lashes.

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