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Wind-whipped skin isn’t the only thing that can get a little dry in the winter months. Environmental conditions and the increased use of heat can also wreak havoc on healthy hair causing it to dry out and break.

Karen, manager of Regency Beauty Institute in Minneapolis, MN, has a quick and inexpensive fix: a satin pillow case.

In her beauty tip below, Karen explains how satin pillow cases benefit hair. Unlike cotton, and especially flannel, satin pillow cases cause no friction between the pillow and hair during sleep. Cotton and flannel pillow cases also strip moisture from hair leaving it even more susceptible to damage in chilly winter temps.

For anyone with hair prone to breakage or who colors/bleaches their hair regularly, a satin pillow case may help.

Besides the healthy hair advantages of satin pillow cases, there IS the added benefit of feeling like royalty the moment your head drops on the pillow after a long day.

Speaking of pillow cases – it’s important to change them out every couple of days. During the night, oils from your hair transfer onto your pillow. By turning, sleeping on the side or stomach, those natural oils and those from hair products can find their way onto the skin. For many of us, that means goodbye to a flawless complexion.

So, keep your hair strong and face fresh with Karen’s beauty tips. Don’t forget to watch her explain more in the video!

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