Career Services

Connecting Regency student artists and salons

Our students want careers in beauty. Our Salon Partners want talent for their salons. That’s why we have our Career Services department, which is dedicated to connecting the two. Because here at Regency Beauty Institute we do more than just prepare our students for cosmetology careers — we want to help them find a good fit.

Resources for Students

Your job when you graduate … is finding a job. Our job is helping you get there. No matter where you see yourself in the next year or five, our Career Services team can help. We’ll coach you through your state board exam and getting your license. Help you polish your resume and walk you through a mock interview. Assist you with job searching and connect you with opportunities in cosmetology careers. We’re here with you every step of the way.


Artist Scouting

Artist Scouting is a new event that brings our student artists together with our Salon Partners. It’s like an event we used to do, Salon Fair, renamed and redesigned for better recruiting in cosmetology careers. For salons, it’s a chance to preview our students’ work. Interview them one-on-one. And see if their talents would be a fit for their salon. For students, it’s a chance to show salons what you’ve got. Present your professional and creative self. And impress potential employers. Artist Scouting takes place twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. Learn more about Artist Scouting here.


Opportunities for Salons

Our exclusive SalonPartners® program keeps salons in touch with Regency Beauty Institute creative up-and-comers. As a Salon Partner, you’re invited to Artist Scouting, a twice-yearly recruiting event. We’ll help you fill job openings by posting your positions on job boards inside our campuses and on — Regency’s owned and operated national search site — and we’ll invite you to post positions on the Regency Facebook page. We’ll also communicate job openings directly to our graduates. And you have the opportunity to guest speak at a campus near you. You’ll see why salons are talking about our student artists.


For more information, contact Career Services at 800-787-6456, ext. 7251.