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What does cosmetology school cost?

That’s a great question. And you deserve to know the answer. Call us and we’ll talk you through it: 800-787-6456, ext. 7200. We know that choosing to attend cosmetology school is a big deal. It’s a choice you make for your future. And for your career.
And cosmetology school cost? It’s an investment in your future. We think you should understand exactly how paying for cosmetology school works — and how you can get financial aid to help pay for it. Over 80 percent of students at Regency Beauty Institute receive financial aid.*
Let’s start by covering some basics: cosmetology school tuition and financial aid. Understanding these will help you make the best decision for your future.




What is Tuition?

Tuition is the money you pay to attend beauty school.


How Much Will I Pay in Tuition?

That depends. Over 80 percent of students at Regency Beauty Institute receive financial aid* — money from the government that pays part of their tuition.


The amount of tuition you’ll have to pay depends on the amount of financial aid you qualify for. And you can’t find THAT out until you complete the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and discuss its results with one of our enrollment specialists.


Meet our enrollment specialists here! They’re ready to help you with the entire financial aid process. And find every last bit of financial aid assistance that you qualify for.


How Does Tuition Work?

First, your financial aid is applied to your tuition bill for the academic year you start school in. Then, you pay the amount that’s NOT covered by your financial aid in eight, equal installments. Each installment is due after you’ve completed a certain number of hours in the Regency cosmetology program. Got questions? Call us! 800-787-6456 ext. 7200


Financial Aid


What is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is money the government gives or lends you to go to school, if you qualify.


Money the government GIVES you is called “grants.” It’s free. You don’t have to pay it back.


Money the government LENDS you is called “loans.” It isn’t free. You have to pay it back, with interest.


Most of our cosmetology students — over 80 percent — qualify for financial aid.*


How Much Financial Aid Will I Get?

We won’t know until you’ve talked to one of our enrollment specialists. They know a lot about cosmetology school financial aid, from how to log in to the FAFSA website to answering the question, “Am I an independent or a dependent student?” And they’re here to help you — even if you’re feeling a little nervous about the whole thing.


How Do I Get Financial Aid?

First, you have to fill out the FAFSA. How? Check out our financial aid page for an easy guide to completing your FAFSA! Or call us! 800-787-6456 ext. 7200


*2012-2013 award year, first-time, full-time students.