Is It Worth It?

Investing in yourself

Going to cosmetology school is an investment in yourself, your art, your future.


Consider this: Beauty jobs are expected to increase 13 percent in the next eight years.1 And in 11 of the last 14 years, beauty job growth has outperformed the rest of the economy.2


It’s a great time to get started.


Graduates today have lots of opportunities to build rewarding careers in cosmetology. There are more than a million salons and spas nationwide with combined sales of $46 billion a year.3 The number of jobs is also on the rise, if you specialize in hair, skin, nails or work in all three.4


With Studio Luma you have options!


1 Bureau of Labor Statistics for years 2012-2022
2-3 Professional Beauty Association analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
4 Bureau of Labor Statistics for years 2012-2022
Regency has not made and will not make any guarantee of employment upon graduation.

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