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Q: What are the Regency student graduation rates?

A: For the most recent reporting period, 58.6%1 of students who started Regency’s cosmetology program had completed the program within 150% of the time normally needed to complete it.

To make sense of that number, public 4-year universities2 – what many people think of as the standard for education – have a lower comparable completion rate. 54.7% of students who started school in the 2000 class had graduated within 150% of the time normally needed to complete. At public two-year institutions, the rate is even lower – just 22% for students who began their program in 2005.

1Relates to campuses covered by OPE ID: 01049000, 2009 cohort; corresponding rates for our Willoughby, OH campus (OPE ID: 037003) Winston-Salem, NC (OPE ID: 030644) are 37.9% and 57.8%, respectively.

2, p. 16