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A Cosmetology School Scholarship!

The GoCosmo Spring 2016 Scholarship is now closed. Check back later for details on the Fall 2016 scholarship contest! We offer the GoCosmo Scholarship to high school seniors who exhibit a strong potential for future success within the cosmetology industry and who are expecting to graduate with a diploma prior to June 30, 2017.
This fall, up to FOUR WINNERS! (Four scholarships worth five thousand dollars each.) The GoCosmo Scholarship is exclusively available at Regency Beauty Institute!

What is the GoCosmo Scholarship?

The GoCosmo Scholarship is a cosmetology school scholarship for high school seniors, valid only at Regency Beauty Institute. We’re offering up to four of them in fall 2016.

Past Cosmetology School Scholarship Winners!

Want to see past cosmetology school scholarship winners? Here are the Regency Beauty Institute spring 2016 GoCosmo Scholarship winners! They’re amazing! Our winners turned in looks inspired by everything from dramatic dragons to silvery snake women to peacocks in all the colors of the rainbow. We’re proud to welcome them to the community of artists at Regency Beauty Institute!
regency gocosmo scholarship winner 2016
Full-ride GoCosmo Scholarship winner, spring 2016, Aubrilyn J.
Look title: The Dragon’s Curse
See other 2016 winners here!
Past GoCosmo Scholarship winner, fall 2015, Shelbie B.
Look title: Where Water Meets the Earth
See the other 2015 winners here!

Who can enter?

If you’re a high school senior expecting to graduate with a diploma prior to June 30, 2017, you can apply for any of the scholarships when the Fall 2016 scholarship contest opens.

How do I enter?

Do a themed makeover on yourself and combine your before and after photos in a collage for a chance to win. Here are the details!
1. Snap a high-quality color “before” photo. Your model can be you or a mannequin.


2. Give yourself (or your mannequin) a makeover.


3. Snap a high-quality color “after” photo.


4. Use an online or smartphone app to combine the two photos into ONE SIDE-BY-SIDE PHOTO COLLAGE.


5. Complete the submission form you’ll find on the Regency Facebook page and upload your photo collage through our GoCosmo Scholarship submission app.


When do I enter?

The dates for the Fall 2016 GoCosmo scholarship have not been announced yet. Follow our Facebook page, or check back here later for more details!

What else should I know?

1. For best results, take your photos in front of a plain, light-colored background, in an area with plenty of light.


2. Use a program on your computer or a smartphone app to make the side-by-side, before-and-after collage photo for your submission. (Take two photos. Before and after. Then remember to combine them into ONE collage photo. It’s important!)


3. Upload your photo submission through the GoCosmo Scholarship tab on the Regency Beauty Institute Facebook page. (Consider using a desktop or laptop computer for the quickest process.)


4. Heads up! Photos tagged on or posted/messaged to the Regency Facebook page will NOT be considered official entries. (The GoCosmo Scholarship app is only available when the contest is open.)


5. Follow, like or visit the Regency Facebook page for updates! For inspiration, check out Regency GoCosmo on Instagram!


I have more questions. What should I do?

Our Admissions team is happy to answer questions. Call us! 800-787-6456


1This scholarship is not available in Maryland, Virginia or Florida. Full terms available at regency.edu/GoCosmoScholarshipTerms

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