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At Regency, we have seriously high standards for excellence, yet we recognize your need for individuality. A little elbow room can be a good thing. Here, we teach you to be your best, most professional self. We have stunning facilities, a talented crew of educators, and an impressive track record for industry placement. We work with our Salon Partners™ to give you the chance to showcase your skills while you’re learning. We even have guiding principles that remind us to be exceptional every day. Need a few more checks in your "plus" column? Regency is an accredited* institution, which means our cosmetology training program is recognized by the US Department of Education. Our curriculum is consistent across the nation and we do not franchise. As we grow, we're simply opening new locations and staffing them with educators and administrators who share our vision. What you see is what you get.
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Does perfection exist in a cosmetology school? Maybe not. But we believe excellence isn’t too much to ask of our students and educators. We’re all about being exceptional, in every sense of the word. Our approach to education rewards students for maintaining our ultra-high standards, and sets you up for success as a soon-to-be professional in the world of beauty.

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*Our campuses page lists accreditation status by campus.