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Testimonials from Regency Beauty students and graduates posted on our Regency Beauty Facebook page...

I could not have hoped for a better teacher

My name is Christy Byrd and I am currently enrolled in your Eastgate, Ohio location. I just wanted to say that I am so happy I chose to attend Regency. The instructors are fantastic and incredibly nice. My workshop instructor Kathryn Gray is so passionate about cosmetology, and I could not have hoped for a better teacher. She is an inspiration to anyone that truly loves the cosmetology field. I have never had any other teachers or job trainers as enthusiastic or knowledgeable as she is. I can not wait to see what my future holds for me with the outstanding schooling I am receiving.
Thank you so much Regency.
Christy Byrd

Regency has given me a gift that no one can take from me.....Its called Knowledge.

I may not add anything of importance but Regency has given me a gift that no one can take from me.....Its called Knowledge. thank you for the knowledge that the styling world is mine for the taking. Believe me I am going to take it and run. I graduated over a month ago, I received my license for the state and now I am sitting on two job offers for management.
Thank you to the wonderful educators at Merrillville.
Holley Griggs

Regency changed my life!

I am a Graduate from Regency, and Regency changed my life!!!!
Phene Adcox

Met alot of great people that who are my friends now. Love you regency

I clocked my 1500 hours this week on Tuesday night. Thanks regency for giving me a great education with great educators and all the memories that come along with cosmetology school. Made alot of great people that who are my friends now. Love you regency.
Cara Thompson

Greatful to this school

Thank u sooo much regency for all ur love and devotion u have show me ill always be greatfull to this school its the best ever
Angelette Torres

Comfortable learning enviroment

I love it here! I've never felt so comfortable in a learning environment as I feel here at RBI! Cant wait to graduate and take my experiences with me! :)
Ashley Radford Howell

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I got my 1st JOB!!!!

So I just wanted to stop by and say thank you to all my teachers at the Joliet, IL campus. I graduated on April 19th, 2011, I will be passing my state board on June 23rd, 2011, and on June 6th, 2011 I got my 1st JOB!!!! I am so grateful for my time at Regency and I know I wouldn't have gotten through if it were not for the staff and the other students! Thank you from your old Student Council President Amanda!!!!
Amanda Collins


Dominique Thebestthingyouneverhad Hilliard

Salon owner

Hey Regency, who knew when I was a student that I would go on to be a salon owner and now branching into theatrical wig design. Thank you to your organization and great teachers (like Neka Morelock, Chris Todd and countless others) for all of your education, passion and dedication to the art of cosmetology!
John Woll

Learned so much already!

This is the best school ever. I started aug 15 this year and I have learned so much already! GREAT SCHOOL I encourage everybody to come its a great experience!!
ChasityandDale Partridge

Shreveport campus rocks!!

Shreveport campus rocks!! Student appreciation day was wonderful! Thank you to all the amazing educators that help us learn and grow as students, I appreciate each and everyone of you! (:
Ashley McClelland

Shout out to all my girls

I would like to give a shout out to all my girls and my instructors at Cypresswood campus in Spring TX!! This month I took both my written and practical tests, and made 84 on my written and 92 on my practical!! I was super prepared and I feel like I know everything I need to know to start my job later this month! Thank you so much Regency Cypresswood :)
Erin Reeves

Students and staff are so supportive!

First week: overwhelming and intense! But man the students and staff are so supportive! So thank from the bottom of my professional shoes to the free edges of my freshly polished tips (Haha, that was pretty weak). You ALL rock
Stephanie Dudley-Schneider

I graduated last week!!

I graduated last week!! I have all the foundations it takes to become a great stylist! Thank you to all my instructors at AZ metro location. Salon fairs and tons of hair competitions under my belt and now having the opportunity to work at the big hair show in Phx! Thanks Regency
Casey Keel

Don't lose sight of your vision!

Hello all!! I just want to take a moment to give my two cents.... Or three!! I have only 18 hours left of school. I am excited and a little bummed at the same time. I have enjoyed every moment of my time at Regency and I'm going to miss the adventures of everyday experiences at my Fort Myers, FL. campus. So I want to offer a word of advice to all of you who are starting soon or who have already begun. Embrace every opportunity you are given to learn something new and enjoy your time in school, it goes by fast. Always remember that you chose this road because you love it and don't lose sight of your vision! Ok that's all from me. Godspeed!!!
Tanya Transou

Graduate: you get out of it what you put into it!!

I graduated from the Eastgate campus on April 15th. Must say I loved my educators and my fellow classmates. It was truly a rewarding experience for me. For all the new starts just remember, you get out of it what you put into it!! Good luck to all new starts! :)
Bridget Meyer Felts

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