School Locations

Welcome to school that fits your style



“I want a beauty school near me!” We hear this all the time. We’ve got you covered.


From Arizona to South Carolina and from Texas to Michigan, we have over 80 conveniently located cosmetology schools. New classes begin each month. Pick a campus near you to see the exact location and view the schedule.


Speaking of schedules, you can complete our full-time cosmetology program in 12-14 months. Our school hours are convenient. And classes start late enough to work with commuting and day care!


And get this. Some of our locations offer part-time programs. Perfect if you want to keep working during the day and take cosmetology classes at night. So the next time you wonder, “Is there’s a cosmetology school near me?” think Regency Beauty Institute. We’re ready to welcome you!


The Studio Luma® program is available at select campuses.