Salon success starts with Studio Luma®

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You’ve always known it. You’re an artist. Expressing yourself is a way of life and the way forward — to a lifelong career making people beautiful. Setting yourself apart starts with beauty school. Want to learn more? Just fill out this form.

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No matter where your talents take you in cosmetology, Regency Beauty Institute is the place, and Studio Luma is the program to help you make it happen.

a whole new way to learn



The Studio Luma® program is a totally fresh face on a cosmetology curriculum. You see success in the salon world through stories you watch on a tablet. You’ll practice the full range of beauty skills — hair, skin, nails and makeup.

over 80 campuses. in 20 states.



Learn side-by-side with other student artists in a community inspired by beauty. With Studio Luma, your teachers are free to connect with you. Not lecture at you. This is school that fits your style!